Other Techniques

Round Box [B] Technique

This technique is relatively easy compared to Mokume-gane. The sides are made from square wire, and soldered using Cadmium to a brass sheet. (Though silver solder 700oC-720oC could be used).

The square wires are affixed to a shim brass plate using gum tragacanth and are put in a copper perimeter frame. Patterns (squares and rectangles can be incorporated using wires of different thicknesses).

The face is then clamped and silver soldered to an 18SWG brass sheet that has been pre-tinned with silver solder.

The shim is cut off when cooled and picking then scraping back in some areas is used to get more colours.

Rectangular Box [C] Technique

This technique is different, but also easy to fabricate. It is simply just two alloys – inlaid in brass sheet!

The brass sheet is cut so that it can be folded into a box after soldering

Each rectangle is a panel of silver is friction fitted in a whole cut out of the brass. The rectangle is also cut and Shakudō is friction fitted into the silver.

Copper and Gold in silver firstly soldered in. The brass is marked out pierced then the panels soldered in.

When cooled, the sheet is folded. The ends are then soldered in, the top cut off and hinge tubing added with more silver solder.

The last thing is the pickling (see My Boxes). Pickle on brass gives a green grey colour and pickle on Shakudō gives black. Copper can also be given a red colour by heating to 130oC.


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