FW Bradbury

F.W. Bradbury French Polishing is now closed for business. Unfortunately on the 1st July 2013 my Dad passed away. Instead of his buisness website, I hope this site can now link to pages and information about some my Dad's hobbies and achievements.

M. Bradbury, 2013

Oil Painting

Watch this space - my Dad was making some notes on this and so maybe I can make a site from it.

Japanese Metalwork

This unusual craft was a fairly receint hobby. It caused him a lot of anguish in the end due to an accident that caused a whole bunch of the work he'd done over prior months to be destroyed. Of course he didn't like to leave things unfinished, and so he replicated the whole thing again. Something to be proud of for sure! We made the website together. Dad had requested the site. He wanted to share his knowledge (having recently discovered the internet) and was hoping that fellow hobbyists would get in touch with him.

Also on this site are featured some 'coconuts'. These aren't Japanese Metalwork, but were added to the site so that he could show them to one of his friends. They are actually paintings, but in such an egg shape because they are painted on coconut husks.

I made That : Japanese Metalwork


Painstaking and intricate work with wood occupied my Dad's time for many years in the 70s and 80s. This site was created after his death. I had had the idea to create this site for Father's Day that year, but alas had not found the time to get started.

I made That : Marquetry Art

French Polishing

A page from the old site that may have been useful to others.

F.W. Bradbury French Polishing